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Nicodemus Wilderness Project
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Nicodemus Wilderness Project


Apprentice Ecologist Initiative™:
At-Risk and Disadvantaged Youth

The Apprentice Ecologist Initiative™ has enriched the lives of thousands of young people by empowering them to help the environment, their communities, and themselves. These amazing volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds but they all share the common goal of making a positive difference in the world. They truly embody the spirit of the Apprentice Ecologist Initiative™ by demonstrating personal leadership, initiative, and environmental stewardship in their individual projects.

We reach out into the community to provide opportunities for at-risk and disadvantaged kids and teens to participate in the Apprentice Ecologist Initiative™. We do this by working with partner organizations throughout the region who provide free transportation for youth volunteers to our project sites. This critical link is all it takes to connect young people who care with a project that they can call their own. These are our neighbors, our friends, our family, and our community. They are ordinary young people who are doing extraordinary things.


You must be the change you want to see in the world.

- Mahatma Gandhi -