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Environmental conservation and stewardship is for kids!!... oh, and adults too!

The cool thing about volunteering in your local community on a trash clean-up project, a trail restoration project, or a habitat rehabilitation effort is that you have fun and LEARN stuff!! The natural world is a wonderful and amazing place full of animals and plants that do neat things. All these creatures, large and small, need a place (or habitat) to live. When we help to clean up and take better care of the wilderness, we are helping native plants and animals to thrive in their natural environment.

There are people that spend their whole lives studying the natural world and what makes it tick. These folks are called Ecologists. Ecologists study the relationships between organisms and their environment. Many ecologists also study how we might take better care of the earth so that plants and animals won't suffer or become extinct because of what humans are doing to our planet. An ecologist is like a doctor for the environment!!

Learn about how you can become an Apprentice Ecologist and start your own environmental stewardship project today!!!

Plus, download our special publication on Careers in Conservation (PDF - 138 KB) to learn more about making a living by taking care of the Earth!!