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Nicodemus Wilderness Project
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Nicodemus Wilderness Project

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Photo Gallery of Make a Difference Day - An Annual Nicodemus Wilderness Project Event
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Volunteers gather each Make a Difference Day to work with the Nicodemus Wilderness Project

Organization and planning for our large-scale volunteer event

Trail and habitat restoration volunteer training


Numerous volunteers gather for our event

Volunteers gathering for projects

Volunteers of all ages gather to help the environment


Young volunteer works on vegetation restoration to benefit native wildlife

College-aged volunteer helps prevent soil erosion

A large team of volunteers helps rehabilitate the environment


Graffiti is present but is removed from boulders and canyon areas
by volunteers

Planting native cactus to close shortcut trails that disturb wildlife

Habitat restoration and trail work team helps to encourage growth of native vegetation


Volunteers helping to prevent soil erosion

Volunteer working to pick up litter

Habitat restoration work


View of the Sandia Mountain Foothills area (Albuquerque in background)

Native vegetation restoration and trail work

Hard-working youth volunteers help native vegetation recover


Teams of volunteers helping to restore sensitive habitat areas

Native vegetation restoration
happens as a result of volunteer teamwork

Native cactus plantings help restore wildlife habitat


Youth volunteer helping to close off degraded trail areas

Trail maintenance and habitat volunteer restoration crew

Large volumes of litter removed from native wildlife habitats


Volunteers remove glass shards that can harm wildlife

The Nicodemus Wilderness Project partners with the City of Albuquerque Open Space Division to help remove litter

Young volunteers proudly show off the litter they removed


Volunteers helping to restore native vegetation

Our large-scale projects have resulted in the participation of thousands of volunteers

Habitat restoration volunteers complete projects as a team


Installation of Nicodemus Wilderness Project Open Space adoption sign

We have been voted as the best adoptee by City of Albuquerque and work cooperatively with community partners throughout New Mexico.